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Benji's Messy Room
"A new book by Diane N. Quintana, now available"

Benji is your average, active five year old little boy. He loves to play in his room. Sometimes his room turns into a real mess! Benji doesn't know where to begin when his mother asks him to pick up his room. Read to find out how Benji's mother helps him accomplish this seemingly overwhelming task. The authors took some basic organizational strategies and applied them to the common task of picking up a room. Break projects down into small manageable steps Sort like with like Cull collections Assign a place or a home for belongings Reward for jobs completed .... learn more.

Suzie's Messy Room
"A new book by Diane N. Quintana, now available"


Suzie is a typical, active five-year-old little girl. She loves playing with all her toys in her room and sometimes creates a real mess! When her mother asks her to pick up her room, Suzie is overwhelmed and doesn't know how to begin. Suzie's mother helps her complete the job by breaking the project into small tasks that Suzie is able to finish easily. Basic principles of organizing included in this story: Break projects down into small steps Sort like with like Cull collections All belongings need a home Reward for completed tasks .... learn more.

Now What?: A Simple Organizing Guide
"A new book by Diane N. Quintana, now available"

You think you have things pretty well organized and then something happens which upsets the balance in your life. 

You think to yourself, now what? .... learn more.

Diane has created 8 great organizational resource eBooks that are available for download, starting at 99¢.Click herefor a listing of the individual resource eBooks available and to purchase individual eBooks.

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Do you have trouble staying with a project to completion?

 In a recent interview on Organize Mindfully with Mark Dillon, Diane discusses how to break an organizing project down to make it easier to stay with the project to completion.
The Best Academic Planner Ever!

 Academic Planner

I am so excited about Order Out Of Chaos’ Academic Planner—A Tool For Time Management. This planner gives students a natural way to visualize time that helps them manage time and control their schedule. What makes this planner so special is the space at the bottom of the page for listing after-school activities and weekend plans.

Click here to learn more about this fantastic planner and to purchase your copy today.