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Here is an easy to follow guide for young adults. I have illustrated the steps necessary to setting up a well organized and comfortable home. I take young adults through the process of moving, setting up their home, and creating a budget so they can be truly independent. I also demonstrate how to set up a filing system that can be easily amended as their needs change. Show them easy ways to create, maintain and sustain order in a young, busy life with time management strategies, basic cleaning tips and even some recipes. Encourage the young adults you know to read this book. Inside are the tools to help them organize themselves and thereby create the peaceful feeling in their home which will make it their place of refuge. $14.95

What are people saying...
"In giving us the gift of "Flying Solo" Diane Quintana has provided a wonderful resource for parents and their young adult children alike. As the parents of two sons who have recently graduated from college and moved on, my wife and I are delighted with this clear, compelling, and well organized guide for young adults as they seek to create homes for themselves. Full of creative, practical, wise solutions, this book covers all the basics from the move itself, to best practices for living spaces, budget, important papers, and time management. In short, it is a treasure! With timely personal anecdotes and lovingly accrued wisdom, this book will prove indispensable for all those impacted by--and involved in--the establishment of new lives in new places, whether close by, or far away. Both emotionally sensitive and practically saavy, this guidebook for all such developmental transitions is long overdue, and much appreciated!"
Rev. Dr. Bill Harkins --Professor, Episcopal priest, psychotherapist.

"At long last … a book directed to those young adults getting ready to fly the coop. Diane Quintana’s book is a must-read for young adults venturing out on their own. It’s down-to-earth and entertaining and breaks down the moving process into easy-to-follow, doable steps. Readers will appreciate the handy lists, websites and great examples ... a perfect gift for young adults taking the big plunge."
Leslie Walden, CPO®, Founder of It’s Time To Get Organized, LLC

"Like Charles Lindbergh in the Spirit of St. Louis, students moving into the dorm or young adults on their own for the first time will find good practical advice in these pages to help them fly solo."
Claudia Hazelwood, Executive Director of Parents Programs, Vanderbilt University

"Flying Solo" is an invaluable resource for young adults who are ready to strike out on their own but need a practical how-to manual to follow along the way. Quintana covers everything from finding a place to live, to packing for the big move, to developing life habits once they are settled into their first home-away-from-home." 
Suellen Germani, Life Coach and Organizer, Creative Order. 

"Thank goodness for Flying Solo. This book is a great resource for anyone just starting out after college. It has a perfect balance of advice, personal stories, and solutions to everyday organizing issues for young adults setting up their own place for the first time. Think of it as a graduation gift that will provide guidance for years to come."
Allison Carter, CPO®, The Professional Organizer, LLC

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