Clutter Tolerance

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I was having a discussion with an organizing colleague and friend last week about our organizing businesses. This friend of mine, in addition to being a great organizing professional, is also an artist. She sees things with an artist’s eye. She has a wonderful way of placing furniture, objects, and pictures and making them enhance the room. It’s a real talent. Our discussion revolved around clutter, of course. We were talking about how some clients have lots and lots of clutter around them. These clients want to be organized. They know they have too much and need help figuring out…

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What does this word mean to you? For me, it is more than a place. It is a feeling of belonging. A feeling that I am safe and at peace inside this place. I have moved many times to three completely different countries and to two very different regions within the United States of America and yet I’ve been able to create a home for me and my family in each spot. So, I ask again, what does home mean to you? Is it the home in which you grew up? Will that place always represent home to you? If…

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Hallmarks of an Adult?

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The other morning I was listening to my local news station as I was catching up on my ‘words with friends’ and I was really surprised. I had only been listening half way, concentrating mostly on my strategy in the game I was playing on my phone, when something caught my attention. It was something about millennials taking classes in what the reporter called ‘adulting’. I didn’t know what that meant and still don’t really. The report went on talking about things adults do, for instance; chores around the house, budget their money, pay bills, file papers, and manage their…

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Whatever Works

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The other day I had a wonderful conversation with my younger son, Andy. He said,  ‘Mom, you’re going to be so proud of me! Wait ’til I tell you what I’ve done.” I was trying to imagine as he said that what was coming next. Never in my wildest dreams could I have predicted what he told me. Andy went on to say “I just bought an accordion file. I’m filing all my receipts and important papers. It’s really working well for me.” He was right! I am proud of him. As the conversation progressed I learned that he was…

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Children’s Artwork

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I was at my doctor’s office today for a routine check-up. The nurse who checked me in was reviewing the information the office had on file for me. When she got to the part that indicated my profession she asked ‘really? Are you really a professional organizer?” I said ‘Yes!’ She told me she wanted to take me home with her. Generally, when I tell people what I do they either say something like ‘I need you!’ or ‘Will you come to my house?’ My response is always ‘ Give me a call when you are ready – here is…

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New Systems

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It can be really frustrating to have a system in place to manage your filing or paper work only to find that it is not meeting your needs. What to do? Well, you can throw out the old system and start over or you can modify the exisiting system that actually worked well for you for awhile. When given a choice I always modify the exisiting system. Understand that life is never static. Things change, your needs change, the way you think about things may change, the way you want to retrieve documents may change – be flexible and adapt…

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Now that summer is officially over and most of us are back in the swing of our routine it is a good time to reassess our goals for the year. Do you have lots and lots of goals? You may want to take a moment and decide which of these goals (pick one or two) you want to focus on now. Are these reasonable goals? If they are not, choose goals that are attainable. You don’t want to frustrate yourself by picking a goal that you know, for sure, is out of reach. Figure out which of these goals you…

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