young couple packing and checking stuff using a checklist before moving to a new residence

How to Organize for a Move to a New Home

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Learn how to organize for a move to a new home. Moving is a stressful endeavor. Read these tips and they will reduce some of the anxiety and thus relieve your stress.  Whether you are selling your home and then moving down the road, moving from apartment to apartment, or preparing to move across the country into your first home there are some simple steps to follow so that your move can be as stress-free as possible. Timeline Create a realistic timeline for yourself. If you are single this is a fairly simple process. Answer these questions for yourself. If…

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man running in a wheel getting no where and feeling overwhelmed.

Feeling Overwhelmed? You’re Not Alone

By How To Organize

Feeling overwhelmed can stump even the most productive of us. We can’t expect ourselves to do everything all the time. Do it all We think we can do it all, all the time: manage our home, take care of the children, maintain a relationship with our partner, go to work, tend the garden, take care of the pets, keep up with the laundry, make yummy meals and the list goes on. Technology doesn’t help Technology adds to feeling overwhelmed. We are constantly bombarded by technology. Our phones make different sounds to indicate a text was received, an email has arrived,…

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Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

By accomplish, plan

Benjamin Franklin is credited with coming up with a lengthier version of this saying. Sir Winston Churchill created his own version. Both these wise leaders are letting us know that if you don’t have a plan you will most likely fail at whatever it is you are attempting. Why Plan? The best reason to plan is to succeed. When you have a plan, you don’t float through the day letting whatever happens to happen. You get things done. Your appointments and job are scheduled. You can fit other tasks like errands, chores, and self-care around the scheduled events. If you…

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Plan to Be On Time

By How To Organize, Planning, Time Management

I imagine you plan to be on time to your appointments. I don’t know about you, but I love to be on time or early. I always have either a book, a magazine, or a clipped article to read with me. And, there is always Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to catch up on. So, if I’m early I have plenty to keep myself occupied for the time I wait. Respect When I make an appointment with someone, I show that I respect the time they have allotted to share with me by planning to be on time. Being on time…

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Be More Productive and Less Busy

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We all want to be more productive but sometimes we are just busy doing stuff. We find lots of little things to do. This makes us feel like we are being productive and sometimes we are. Other times. However, we are just busy. Here are some tips to use so that you can be more productive and less busy. Ask yourself: Is this the best use of my time right now? When you find yourself scurrying around doing all sorts of little tasks ask yourself this question. This may make you pause and think. Is there one thing to do…

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Did You Accomplish Your Goals in 2019?

By accomplish, goals

Take some time to think about the goals you set for the year that just ended. Did you accomplish your goals?  Identify your accomplishments. Look back through the months, one at a time. Identify your accomplishments. Take a few minutes and write them down. Be sure to recognize and acknowledge the things that you’ve done – good and maybe not so good. Pat yourself on the back for the things that happened that were wonderful. Think about those things and ask yourself if you want to add to them. Is there a way to extend that accomplishment? Can you take…

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Prepare to Write Your Thank You Notes

By prepare, schedule, thank you

It’s easier to write your thank you notes when you are prepared. Make a mental note that this is your intention. We know that buying gifts, wrapping them and making sure the person receives them takes a lot of thought. It is a sign of good manners to express your thanks within a reasonable amount of time. Before the holidays Before the holidays, we organize our list of gifts to buy. Make sure we have plenty of wrapping paper, ribbon, scotch tape, and tags. The final step is to either send the gifts to the recipients or bring them with…

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The Holidays are Almost Here. Are You Prepared?

By appreciation, focus, holiday gifts, holidays, overwhelm, plan

We all know the holidays are coming. Television and email ads have bombarded us for months now. My local tv station gives a countdown – and today marks 9 days until Christmas and only 8 more shopping days. Nothing like a little pressure. Are you overwhelmed? Gifts need to be purchased and delivered, holiday parties given and/ or attended, holiday dinners organized, and holiday outfits put together. Giving Gifts: While the intentions of the massive amounts of advertising are to give us ideas of things to give our loved ones, they also give us the feeling that if we aren’t…

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Season of Giving and Setting Limits

By donate, holiday gifts, limit

During this season of giving it can be difficult to know when to stop. There are lots of people, places, and institutions asking for donations. I used to think it would be handy to have a small sign to pull out of my handbag which said something like “I already made a donation”. Set Your Limit That was until I decided how much money I could afford to give. Now, that I have set my limit (you can always modify your limit) once I have reached it, I know I have done my share. OverSpending It’s easy to overspend when…

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Thanksgiving Feasting

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The Thanksgiving Feast I went to in Connecticut was fabulous! There were 35 people there at 1 table! Imagine that. Lots of people brought parts of the meal to share. I brought the pies from a wonderful pie shop here in Atlanta. Others brought vegetable dishes, potato dishes, cranberry relishes, and some other desserts. Someone else brought a fabulous array of appetizers to nibble on while the dinner was being assembled. Did you attend a fabulous feast? Did you maybe over-indulge the way I did? Party Time! The party season is here. I know I will be snacking at parties…

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