Hallmarks of an Adult?

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The other morning I was listening to my local news station as I was catching up on my ‘words with friends’ and I was really surprised. I had only been listening half way, concentrating mostly on my strategy in the game I was playing on my phone, when something caught my attention. It was something about millennials taking classes in what the reporter called ‘adulting’. I didn’t know what that meant and still don’t really. The report went on talking about things adults do, for instance; chores around the house, budget their money, pay bills, file papers, and manage their…

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Under Pressure?

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I know I’ve taken a break from writing this blog for sometime now. Usually, I’m all about not taking on too much – knowing that when I say ‘yes’ to someone to do something I not only know that I will do that task but that the task will take time away from something else. Well, I have really been over scheduled and over-committed the past few months and the pressure will not be off until the middle of November. That’s still almost a month more of living in a time-sensitive pressure cooker. Are you wondering what tasks, projects, and…

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Receipts – take them or not

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Recently, I have noticed, when I pay for an item at a store the person accepting my payment asks this question ‘Do you want you receipt?’  I always answer ‘Yes!’ So, yesterday when I was paying for a haircut and the woman asked me that question I asked ‘Does anyone ever say no?’ The cashier told me that most people do not want the receipt. Her answer really surprised me and I indicated that. My question was ‘ how do you track your expenditures without the receipt?’ The cashier told me that she never takes a receipt. She tracks her expenses…

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Back to School?

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Is the young adult in your family going back to school soon? If so, this is a very busy time for you. I remember somewhat fondly when our boys would get ready to go back to school. What they needed to do to prepare often depended on their upcoming living situation. In other words, if they were going back to a familiar dorm and had put some things in storage nearby then we had less to do to get ready. If they were moving into a house or an apartment with some friends in a completely new town then we…

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