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Do you talk to yourself? I do. I talk to myself – inside my head – as I walk my dog, Miles, in the morning. I review my schedule for the day. I also review what I am hoping to accomplish in addition to the schedule events. I hope that those of you reading this are nodding your heads in agreement. You might have a different conversation with yourself but I think we all have conversations inside our minds from time to time. When you talk to yourself do you ever bend the truth? Sometimes I think people don’t tell themselves…

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Types of Clutter

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Did you know there are different types of clutter? There is the clutter you have around you when you begin a multi-stepped project and you are just beginning the task. You separate the things based on when you need them and then put the things you don’t immediately need aside. You organize your space so that you have room to complete the project. Then there is the clutter you bring in with you when you walk through the door at the end of the day. Maybe you have groceries, a receipt or 2, a library book, a tote bag or…

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