Interview Series: Hoarding Expert; Ann Zanon

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Over the next few months, we will be interviewing professionals who work with the hoarding population.  We are asking them to share their insight on people who hoard and people who think they have the hoarding disorder. We recently interviewed Ann Zanon. Ann is a compassionate hoarding expert with over 8 years of experience working with the hoarding population. She is a member of the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD) where she holds several certificates of study in methods of working with clients who hoard.   After her move to Houston, Texas last year, she discovered that the laws in Houston…

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10 Tips for Stress-Free Holiday Decorating

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I love to decorate my house for Christmas! I love to get out my decorations and scatter them around the house so that most of the common areas have some kind of decoration. So many of these decorations hold beautiful memories for me. Some my children made through the years, some I received as gifts, some I purchased as reminders of places we traveled, but most of my ornaments are needlepoints that I made. I tried to add one or more needlepoint ornament every year! I even get out the children’s read aloud holiday books and display them on a…

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Open Your Eyes!

By chores, collections, recycle, Spring Cleaning

Have you started your spring cleaning? Whether or not you have started this process I recommend that when you do you take the opportunity to really look at the things you are moving around. I think sometimes we are so used to our surroundings that we don’t really see what’s there. I know that I can walk through a room in my house and not really notice the space. Before you begin your spring cleaning spend some time in the room you’re tackling. Open your eyes and take a look as if you were seeing the room or area for…

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Now What? Too Many School Papers, Projects and School Supplies?

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I’ve been talking to you about having too much and learning how to cull collections of your belongings. Well, if you have children you know that there is something else that floods our homes. That is school supplies, papers and projects. Let’s talk about school projects and papers first. The influx starts when your child begins school. He comes home with lots of art work and projects. Now, in my house, we decorated the refrigerator with these beautiful art creations. When we ran out of room on the refrigerator we started taping these projects to the kitchen cupboards. From there…

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