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Do you really want to change?

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Have you ever decided that you want to change something in your life? Maybe you have said to yourself that you want to exercise more or that you want to spend more time working on a hobby. Maybe you have told yourself that this year you only want to have clothes in your closet that you really wear or that this year you want to be more organized, have less clutter in your home, and be on time for all your appointments. You may have guessed that these are things I sometimes hear people say!    The owner of the fitness studio I…

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Listen to yourself!

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Have you read the August issue of O The Oprah Magazine? I have been reading and re-reading the cover story titled “Let Intuition Be Your Guide”. Are you wondering why I am so fascinated? This cover story has a series of articleswhich describe the various ways intuition or our intuitive sense manifests itself. Martha Beck wrote a great commentary in which she names her inner voices Fang (her loud and socially conscious inner voice) and Buddy(the quiet inner voice). I always read Martha Beck’s column because I love her tremendous sense of humor which accompanies  her wise words. If I were to name…

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Treasure Hunts?

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A terrific organizing strategy (courtesy of organizing expert Judith Kolberg) is to think of organizing as a treasure hunt. How much fun is that? Go on a treasure hunt in your own home looking through your own stuff. What will you find? Will it be something you have misplaced? Will it be loose change from your pocket? Maybe it will be something really fun like a letter you wrote to your mother from camp. Think of the possibilities. Here are a few tips if you decide this is a strategy you want to employ. 1. Pick your spot for the trasure hunt…

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