Summer Organizing

Now What? Another NAPO 2015 update

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Last week I told you about HomeZada – a wonderful computer program to help you with everything to do with your house and home. This week I’m reviewing the Purse Perfector. This is not a new invention but the company has been tweaking their design and this year I decided to really investigate it. This is the perfect tool to help organize your bottomless tote bag. You know the one you carry to the beach. The tote bag holds everything: your book, hat, sunscreen, water bottle and all the other various and sundry items we women carry in our bags….

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Summertime Scheduling

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Summer ….don’t you just love summer? It’s a great time to relax, kick back and enjoy all the fun things we can do outside with friends and family; walks in the park, going canoeing, tubing sailing, swimming, attending parades and more. How do you schedule those fun activities and take care of your household chores and garden? Make your calendar your best friend. Schedule your daily tasks and make a weekly or bi-weekly household chores list so that you regularly hit all the chores you need to do to keep your home organized. Have the chores be a family affair…

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Summer Fun

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Someone asked me today if I had started to slow down for the summer. Her question took me by surprise. I realized that I don’t slow down at all during the summer any more. I planned my time differently when my children were in school. Then I did slow down during the summer. We planned lazy days by the beach. Some days we played tennis and others we dedicated to water sports. We spent as much time as we could outside engaged in sports, relaxing in the shade, or playing board games. In other words we had lots of fun…

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Organizing Outside

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One of the things I love most about summer and the warm temperatures is being outside as much as possible. I spend my time in the garden and in the pool. If being outside and poolside are things you enjoy also here are a few organizing tips for you while you are outside. 1. Remember to stay hydrated – if you are really thirsty; you are already showing signs of dehydration. Bring water with you and make a point of drinking it before you have that really thirsty feeling! 2. Never, ever swim alone. Just as children can have accidents near…

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