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Last weekend my son was married at The Sullivan House on Block Island. Nick, my husband, and I had never been to Block Island. It was everything we had been told and more. The views were stunning, flowers lush, and the town quaint. Friends and family came from near and far. This couple was surrounded by love. The weekend was nothing short of magical. Nick and I arrived on Wednesday by ferry from Point Judith. As the ferry approached Block Island we saw a huge tent on a bluff and wondered if this was where our son would be married. It was! Imagine that, a tent on a bluff with views of sailboats and the ocean. We rented a house on The Sullivan House property for the 5 days we were there and were very happy to be close at hand to help oversee details. You might be thinking because this is a ‘Destination Wedding’ all anyone has to do is get there and everything magically happens. I had that very same thought until I became involved in planning and organizing what was to be our part (as the grrom’s parents) in this wonderful event. My skills as a Professional Organizer were put to good use. I used backwards planning, made lists, and entered all data into spread sheets. Consequently, the items I needed to decorate the tables were waiting for me. Also, Nick and I enjoyed every minute of the weekend. Yes, there was work to be done but there were also friends and family members helping. Everyone was there to celebrate and celebrate we did!