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Earlier in 2011 I made myself a promise to make and keep appointments with the variety of doctors that I see.  I did just that and had seen everyone I was scheduled to see by the end of August. However, the doctor I saw in August strongly suggested that I make an appointment for a colonoscopy. I was reluctant but this was something I had been putting off – procrastinating about – for several years. I went ahead and scheduled first the visit to meet the doctor and then the colonoscopy. I thought  what’s to worry about? I exercise regularly, I am at a normal weight, I eat healthily – lots of fruits and vegetables. I’ll be fine, I told myself. I had the colonsocopy and the doctor found a polyp which he could remove then and there – good! – but he also found a very large growth, a tumor, which had to be surgically removed. This involved removing a section of my colon. Scary thoughts now entered my mind.

I am very lucky. I had the surgery 2 weeks ago. The fact that I exercise regularly and that I am in otherwise good health has helped speed my recovery along. The polyp that was removed and the tumor were benign. Hindsight, by its very nature, is perfect. In hindsight I wish I had listened to my doctor five years ago when he first started strongly recommending a colonoscopy. Maybe if I had not procrastinated I could have avoided this surgery. I will never know and wondering about it does not do any good.

If you are someone who has been putting off this test thinking to yourself I am healthy, have no problems and do not want to do this please think again. Listen to your doctor and have this test.