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Have you ever felt disorganized? Sometimes things happen, things that are beyond our control, that create the disorganization. Think about it. If you are planning an event (like a wedding) you might just focus on that and remove focus from maintaining the day to day order. If you inherit things, like furniture, that can contribute to the disorganization – until you merge the inherited things with the things you aleady possess. Recently, due to several events in my life, I have been feeling a little disorganized. This is a very uncomfortable feeling for me. I am almost always ultra-organized. All the ‘things’ in my house have homes. Papers are not left to linger, Nick’s calendar and mine are shared and all is well with the world. Generally, I can handle most all unforseen little glitches. Nothing in my world ever runs completely smoothly, so I am usually O.K. with surprises. BUT this past month furniture and other small table top items arrived from Nick’s mother’s house and my mother’s house. Our garage was full of boxes and furniture while we decided what to donate out to make room for what had arrived. Add into this our son’s wedding.  Maybe you can understand why I am feeling this way. The Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD) calls this ‘Situational Disorganization’. 

This ‘Situational Disorganization’ is resolving itself because Nick and I are conscientously working on it. Everyday we schedule a little time to work together on this project.  We have emptied all of the boxes in the garage. Homes have been found for the table top items we want to keep. Other items have been taken to either the consignment store or Goodwill. Some of the furniture has been merged into our living spaces, other furniture is going into a storage unit for our son. I can hear some of my colleagues saying ‘Don’t put anything in storage!’ I promise my son has a plan for the furniture and as soon as he is able the items in storage will be moved to his home. A situation such as this has the potential to be really debilitating. If we had put on blinders and decided to ignore the mountain of boxes in the garage along with the furniture these things could have stayed there indefinately. It was important to us so get back to our normal organized home so we made a plan.

Has a situation in your life left you feeling disorganized?

To read more about situational disorganization go to: Look for fact sheets!