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Get Organized Month – January

Many people make a New Years Resolution to be more organized. I think we all want to be more organized, to accomplish more in a day. Maybe just to get more of our ‘to do’ list done. Do you just sit back and think, if I were more organized I would … (fill in the blank)? If so, why not make today the day you get started; instead of just sitting there thinking about it. You can work on just one thing. What is bothering you the most? Start there. Even if it is one drawer – the junk drawer in the kitchen that has not seen the light of day in years. Empty that drawer. I bet you will find that most of the things in the junk drawer are really and truly junk and can be tossed. Maybe your closet is bothering you. Why not take a hard look and see if you can fill a bag to take to a donation site. Perhaps there is nothing to donate.  Then make your closet tidy – pairing up the shoes, organizing drawers, and hanging like colors together will make a difference.

Whatever you do towards being more organized is better than doing nothing. Let me know what you are doing and if you need a little guidance. Sometimes just a little encouragement is a big motivator!