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Goals – do you have to have one?

I am often asked ‘Do you have to have a goal?’ My answer is always ‘YES!’ Without a goal all you are doing is watching the passage of time. Without a goal you have nothing to propel you forward, it is as if you are treading water. Treading water is not only exhausting but also boring. Your goal does not have to be super-charged and hard to achieve. In fact, I recommend having goals that are achievable. Start small. Have a goal that only takes a few days or even a few hours to achieve. There is nothing like the feeling of success to motivate you to do more.

Do you agree? Do you set daily goals for yourself? Maybe you prefer to set long term goals – goals that have mulitple steps with mini benchmarks along the way. Maybe you have both; daily and long term goals. Write back and tell me how you keep from treading water. What motivates you? Is it a goal?