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Now that summer is officially over and most of us are back in the swing of our routine it is a good time to reassess our goals for the year. Do you have lots and lots of goals? You may want to take a moment and decide which of these goals (pick one or two) you want to focus on now. Are these reasonable goals? If they are not, choose goals that are attainable. You don’t want to frustrate yourself by picking a goal that you know, for sure, is out of reach. Figure out which of these goals you want to work toward first. Remember the steps you take along the way toward your goal can be just as important and meaningful as reaching the goal itself. One goal you may have is to teach yourself a new habit. For instance, your goal may be to end each work day with a clean desk top. Well, that is not going to happen in an instant. Start by ending your official work day 10 minutes before you actually want to walk out of your office. Then for 10 minutes work on one small area of your desk. You might take a few minutes to file papers away, or put  books and other resources away, clean out a drawer, or you might take a few minutes to recycle the paper in your waste basket. Perhaps you will take another few minutes to archive some files. Practice this  every work day for a month. Before you know it, you will have taught yourself a new habit!