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On this first Monday of the New Year I am hard at work keeping my resolution for 2012. I am so happy that I decided to make this change in my routine! I have been in busness as a professional organizer for 7 years now. It came to my attention last year that I really HAD to change the way I was attending to the details of running my business. Everything that needed to happen did happen but I was taking time from other things (hobbies) that I enjoy in order to take care of the business details. Are you wondering what changed? My colleague, Julie Bestry, has often posted on facebook about taking care of her business ‘to-do’ list during her administrative Monday. During this past year I thought to myself could I take a day to attend to my business ‘to-do’ list? In December, I decided that I would make Monday my administrative day. I have promised myself that I will not run errands (that includes grocery shopping) or take clients on this administrative day. I will work on adding content to my blog and my website, take care of business details,make follow-up phone calls, and work on other business related projects like marketing my book! It’s tempting to schedule errands etc. when there is a wide open day in the planner. To combat this temptation I have scheduled every Monday as an administrative day. It’s there, in my calendar, and the entire day is labeled as busy.  I am positive that this change in my routine will have a big impact on me! I think that by setting aside the time to really focus on the administrative tasks which (I admit) are not as much fun for me as working with my clients I will feel more on top of my game.

If you have made a resolution what are you changing in your routine to facilitate keeping your promise to yourself?