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Do you juggle all sorts of activities? Another way to ask this is how many roles do you play in life? Are you a spouse, a parent, a co-worker at the office? Do you run your own business? Perhaps you are also a golfer, a tennis player, the coach for your child’s soccer team or t-ball team. Additionally maybe you participate in a book club or a bible study group. Do you also exercise at a gym?

We juggle all sorts of things in a day. The trick is to be a good juggler or maybe really good at prioritizing. Here are some tips to keep you on track with all the activities you juggle.
1. Make a list of all the different activities you juggle
2. Think about what you want to accomplish in each different activity this week
3. Make a separate list of things to do for each different activity
4. Prioritize the lists
5. Schedule time in your calendar to do at least one thing to move each activity forward – or to keep it current

When you know what you want to take care of for each of the different aspects of your life and you dedicate at least a little time to each aspect or activity you will be in better control. You will be like the expert juggler who is able to keep multiple balls in the air at once.