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Have you read the August issue of O The Oprah Magazine? I have been reading and re-reading the cover story titled “Let Intuition Be Your Guide”. Are you wondering why I am so fascinated? This cover story has a series of articleswhich describe the various ways intuition or our intuitive sense manifests itself. Martha Beck wrote a great commentary in which she names her inner voices Fang (her loud and socially conscious inner voice) and Buddy(the quiet inner voice). I always read Martha Beck’s column because I love her tremendous sense of humor which accompanies  her wise words. If I were to name the loud voice – the one who can speak to me despite all the activities I get involved with – I think her name would simply be ‘LOUD’. The quiet voice – the one who tells the truth – I would name ‘Flower’. Why? Well, for two reasons. One: because I love to garden and often do some of my best intuitive thinking when I am pruning plants, pulling weeds, or just simply ‘playing’ in my garden. Two: because I love the skunk named “Flower’ in the Disney movie, Bambi. She wisely says (and I quoted this to my boys ALL the time when they were growing up) “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”. Anyway, all the pieces are interesting and speak to me. I tend to get very busy. When I am in one of these busy modes I sometimes forget to be still and to listen to the silence. In the silence, when I take the time to listen, I hear and understand better the nuances of my life and of those I hold dear.  As a professional organizer, I ask my clients a few questions before we start organizing. First: to tell me what is bothering them most? Second: to list their priorities. From there we create an organizing plan.  I think sitting quietly and letting their intuition speak to them might help my clients answer these questions.

If you have not picked up this magazine go out and get it. I promise you’ll find this series of articles, at the very least, interesing!