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Now that we are about half way through the month of June it’s time to start planning a picnic to celebrate the Fourth of July!Do you start to panic when you begin to think of all the things you need to prepare to take a picnic to a park? No need to panic, just follow these easy steps. First of all keep things simple. Sit down and plan your meal. If there is a part of the meal you can make a day or two in advance put that on your calendar! After you plan your meal think about the accessories and make a list. I am talking about either a tablecloth for the picnic table or a blanket to sit on. Add plates, cups, napkins, and utensils to your list. Be sure to add trash bags and wet wipes for sticky hands.  Add condiments like ketchup, mustard, and relish. Then add bug spray. Always plan to bring extra water! If this is an evening event – maybe to watch fireworks, then you may also want to bring a flashlight or two. Set things aside in one place as you think of them so that when the time comes to pack them into the car you don’t have to go looking around the house. Take a look at your coolers. Do they need to be washed? If so, take care of that while you are thinking about it. Now that you have a list and a plan and you know what you need to do you can relax and enjoy the rest of June.