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One of the things I love most about summer and the warm temperatures is being outside as much as possible. I spend my time in the garden and in the pool. If being outside and poolside are things you enjoy also here are a few organizing tips for you while you are outside.

1. Remember to stay hydrated – if you are really thirsty; you are already showing signs of dehydration. Bring water with you and make a point of drinking it before you have that really thirsty feeling!

2. Never, ever swim alone. Just as children can have accidents near a pool so can adults. Just because you know how to swim does not mean you should swim alone. There is safety in numbers, so bring a friend with you to the pool. If you are poolside with children please keep your eyes on them. It is lots of fun to sit by the pool with a friend and chat. Try not to become so distracted that you lose track of where the children are in the water. Even better, be in the water with your children.

3. Remind children to only dive in the deep end of the pool.

4. Have an organized for the outside tote bag to grab as you head out the door. I keep bug spray, sunblock, pool towels, bandaides, wet wipes in mine. Think about what you want to keep in your bag, what would be helpful to have at the ready so that you can make the most of these beautiful summer days.