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Last night my husband, Nick, and I went to the Atlanta Opera. Cosi Fan Tutte by Mozart was playing and we are opera fans. In case you didn’t know, there were alerts for storms in the area – and the skies were definately threatening. We met up with some friends, had dinner, and went to our seats at the appointed time. Then the power went out. So, here we are in this huge performing arts center with no lights. Now, let me tell you the place was packed full of people ready to listen to beautful music. In fact, the orchestra was in place and was tuning up for the start of the performance. We, the audience, went completely still and quiet when the lights went out. The emergency lighting came on pretty quickly and the generator kicked in also. Then (and this is the point of my  blog today) after about 25 minutes of wondering what was happening next, would the electricity be restored would we see the show we came to see or would be all be sent home someone in charge of the opera came out on stage. He told us that even though the opera house had only generator power on at the moment people were working to retore the electricity. He also said the singers were in costume and ready, the sets were ready and we would see the show we came to see – just without the dramatic lighting. In otherwords the show would go on. We were thrilled! So, without delay the lights were dimmed, the conductor came out and the show moved forward. We (Nick and I) were very impressed. Under difficult circumstances the opera company put on a wonderful performance – I believe that is professionalism at its best. The saying that goes something like ‘when life hands you lemons make lemonade’ comes to mind. In my business, I never know what situation I might encounter when I go to someone’s house to give them a complimentary consultation. Sometimes it is an easy assessment to do and sometimes not so easy. I have a ‘can do’ attitude and ,clearly, last night the opera company had a ‘can do’ attitude also. They made the most of a less than optimal situation and the show was fantastic.