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Halloween has come and gone. We are back to standard time. I am very thankful for that since I walk my dogs early in the morning and it had been staying dark until after I was already home. Things are about to get crazy busy with holiday events, holiday shopping, holiday parties and the holidays themselves.

How do you maintain your equilibrium?

Stick to your routines!

Routines serve to guide us through various parts of our day. Your morning routine may involve some household chores. Mine involves walking my dogs, watering my plants, and (on certain days) doing laundry. Then I have my breakfast, shower and go about my day. Following this routine helps me stay grounded.

Think about your morning routine.

Does it involve some household chores?

Do you have an evening routine?

My afternoon/evening routine involves taking my dogs out into the garden. Noticing changes in the garden like any fallen branches or piles of leaves. I put away the things I have brought home with me like groceries, supplies for my work, or any work-related tools. I take a quick look at my email and deal with any messages that require a reply. Then I make my plan for the following day.

Make a plan

I list the chores I want to do, any errands, and my appointments. I also make note of any work-related tasks to complete. I am a pen and paper person. This list stays on my desk, ready for me to refer to the next day. Then I leave my office, feed my dogs, and make dinner.

Allow your brain to rest

I love this routine because it allows me to clear my mind. I don’t have to remember to remember what I want to do the next day.  I have cleaned up from the day that is and prepared for the day to come. I can relax completely. My brain can press the reset button while I sleep. It doesn’t have to work on remembering anything. I have written it down. I know the list is on my desk.

Fall back on your routine

Having routines like this to fall back on when life gets busy are so helpful. You can plot into your schedule the extra events and parties knowing that the regular chores and tasks also have time assigned to them.

Be flexible

I am not advocating that you have to stick to your routine 100 percent of the time. You can, and should be, flexible with your routines. If you skip a day here or there it’s not a problem. Likewise, if you modify your routine because of a conflicting special event or party it’s not a problem. You have your routine ready to back you up when you’re ready to resume.

Routines are predictable

Follow your routines as much as possible in the coming months. They are predictable and will help you stay grounded as life gets busier with the upcoming festivities and holidays.

Please get in touch with me if you want help creating some simple morning and evening routines to follow.


  • Routines can be grounding, especially during busy times. Well, truthfully, life is usually busy. But as you mentioned, we’re heading into the holiday season when things can get more hectic and routines can quickly go out the window. There are certain morning habits I’ve developed that help ease me into the day. They include waking at the same time each day (or almost the same time,) teeth brushing, meditating, journaling, showering, eating breakfast, and slowly sipping a hot beverage. Once I’ve taken care of the basics, I’m ready to review the to-dos and appointments for the day. Are there times when some of those routines don’t happen? Absolutely! But for the most part, being consistent helps make the rest of my day go much more smoothly.

  • Seana Turner says:

    This weekend I have had company visiting, which has been a lot of fun. At the same time, I am much more likely to forget things when the schedule is different and people are all over at all times of day. This is when routines really save the day! If I didn’t have routines, I think I would feel completely out of control. They really can be the key to keeping calm and carrying on:)

    • Diane Quintana says:

      Having company visiting is fun and completely changes the dynamic. I love to hear that routines help you feel more in control.

  • Love routines! Dependable (yet, flexible, as you have mentioned). Makes it so much easier to get back on track, too, if you are derailed by illness, travel, etc.

  • Following a routine means the important things nearly always get done. Being flexible means they get done, but maybe at a different time or by someone else.