Paper Organizing Challenges: Where does it all come from? How do we handle it? What to Keep? How Long to Keep it and How to Find it Again? This workshop is an hour long.

Plan to Lose. Participants will learn how to organize the pantry and refrigerator, how to plan their meals for a week, how to make a grocery list to avoid impulse purchases and to plan fitness into their schedule so they can plan to lose weight! This workshop is an hour long.

From Paper Piles to Files. This workshop will enable you to organize and file the papers that accumulate on your desk or counter-tops. Bring in a box or bag of papers and go home with labeled files. We will supply folders and help with labeling. This workshop is one and one-half hours long.

Surviving the Holidaze. This workshop will enable you to organize your time and space so when the holidays arrive, you will be able to enjoy them without worry. Come to this fun interactive workshop and go home with great tips and enthusiasm for the coming season!

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