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a young woman celebrating success

How to Make Your Day a Success When Your Plan Fails

By Be A Better Version Of You

We’ve all been there, I’m sure. You make a plan for the day. You know exactly what you’re doing and then something happens. Your plan fails. You have to throw your plan out the window. When this happens, you have a couple of choices. You can wallow in despair or you can shift gears and make your day a success anyway. The choice is yours. This exact thing happened to me this week. I made a plan to get something done and arrived at the appointment on time but the person who was working with me arrived almost 3 hours…

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Mom in a lush garden

Choices to Make as We Live With Covid-19

By How To Organize, How to Organize Your Life Blog

Happy Mothers’ Day!  This is a picture I took of my mother in 2002. We spent 2 weeks together touring gorgeous gardens in England as part of a tour lead by the National Trust. I treasure that time. As we celebrate mothers and I am remembering my mother I want to talk about the choices to make as we move past coping with Covid-19 and onto living with this virus.   Three Rs This past week I was watching the early morning news on 11Alive as I do every morning and caught an interview with a mental health professional from…

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