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5 Tips for Finally Getting Rid of the Clutter in Your Home

By Control Clutter, How to Organize Your Life Blog

Clutter has an insidious way of sneaking into our homes. You clear a counter, turn around, and BAM there it is again. Something has made its way back onto that clear counter. Getting rid of clutter is something all my clients want to accomplish for a variety of reasons. Remove Clutter, Reduce Stress Clutter can stress us out. Too much stuff piled around creates visual chaos. Conversely, clutter free spaces can be calming. We used to be able to walk out the door and forget about the mess while we were out. Now, we rarely leave our homes. During this…

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Thank you cards?

By How to Organize Your Life Blog, Rightsize Your Life

Do you write ‘Thank You’ cards? As I was driving along yesterday listening to the radio I was so surprised when an ad came on and the person speaking asked ‘Do you write Thank You notes?’ The person in the ad went on to say that his mother taught him to write a Thank You note when he was given something. Listening to this ad I was wondering where it was going? Have you heard this ad? Anyway, the person in the ad continued by saying he wanted to thank McDonalds. Honestly, I didn’t pay attention to the rest of…

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