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By How To Organize, How to Organize Your Life Blog

I read an interview this morning on Linda Samuels’s blog The Other Side of Organized with Judith Kolberg.  I’m proud to say that both these wonderful women are colleagues as well as friends of mine! Linda interviewed Judith about change and why some people make the effort to change. It is a wonderful interview and I encourage you to visit Linda’s blog and read it. I wanted to keep this topic of change going and talk about how to change and what motivates people to change. First, let me say that change is never easy. It’s much more comforatble to…

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Thank You Notes?

By How to Organize Your Life Blog, Rightsize Your Life

I finished writing my Thank You notes for gifts I received for Christmas over the weekend. I enjoy the process and take my time writing these notes because I want to recipient of the note to know that I appreciate the time, effort and thought they put into my gift. I also write notes to thank people for having me over for dinner or for helping me with a volunteer project. I think that this (the art of writing a thank you note) is something that should happen more regularly. Too often, we send notes via e-mail or text. I…

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