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Are you working hard? Does the list of tasks on your desk or in your mind seem endless? I know I can always find one more thing to add to my ‘to-do’ list. I bet you can, too. Working endlessly without getting up, stretching your legs, and looking at something other than your computer screen can become truly overwhelming – even when you are making your way through your list. I have a few tips to share with you which may help you be even more productive.

1. Straighten up your desk in the evening as your work day is winding down.

2. File completed work that was left out.

3. For work still in progress; decide what your next step will be and make a note of that on the outside of the file. Put the file in a spot designated for work in progress.

4. Make your list of things to do the next day.

5. Prioritze your tasks and then schedule them into your day

6. Now schedule a few 15 to 20 minute breaks

When your next day begins you’ll know what your doing and when. You’ll also be able to anticipate some breaks in your work day. Use that time to stretch your legs, maybe even take a walk. Letting your mind wander can be really refreshing. In fact, you may find that when you return to your desk you are able to focus and get more done efficiently.
Of course, unanticipated taks sometimes pop up but when you have a good working list of priorities you can do a little juggling and take care of the new urgent task as well as the one you have put at the top of your to-do list.