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The Thanksgiving Feast I went to in Connecticut was fabulous! There were 35 people there at 1 table! Imagine that. Lots of people brought parts of the meal to share.

I brought the pies from a wonderful pie shop here in Atlanta. Others brought vegetable dishes, potato dishes, cranberry relishes, and some other desserts. Someone else brought a fabulous array of appetizers to nibble on while the dinner was being assembled.

Did you attend a fabulous feast? Did you maybe over-indulge the way I did?

Party Time!

The party season is here. I know I will be snacking at parties and not eating as healthily as I normally do. I get extra busy at this time of year organizing my own holiday festivities as well as helping my clients stay organized during this season.


We all want to look our best at the parties we attend. Whether you are a new mother or you have a few love handles to disguise it may be time to investigate shapewear.

Here is an article detailing a few reasons new mothers may want to look into shapewear. I love the idea and wish this product had been around when I was having babies.

In the interest of full disclosure, I do not receive any commission from this shapewear company. I do not have the name of the author. The shapewear company is: Yummie.

Shapewear Can Support Your Post Pregnancy Body. Here’s How.

Pregnancy can be a very rewarding experience. That said, your body goes through some major changes during this time. Getting your pre-pregnancy body back after giving birth may seem like a challenge. Additionally, although you should feel good about yourself after just bringing a life into this world, you may be struggling with poor confidence during postpartum.

It’s important to be gentle with your body (and yourself!) as you recover. You don’t want to push beyond your limits in an effort to get back in shape. You also don’t want to let your feelings about your body prevent you from experiencing the joy of raising a new child. Fortunately, there are steps you can take and tools you can use to restore your pre-pregnancy body, such as a shaping bodysuit, that can provide your body with all necessary support. The result? Improved comfort and confidence.

Improve Your Posture

For many understandable reasons, women often struggle with poor posture after giving birth. Carrying a baby inside your body for months can lead to back pain. The discomfort may be so strong that it makes maintaining proper posture more challenging than it would normally be.

This is another issue shapewear can help correct. You can find specific designs that offer the back support you need to improve your posture after having a baby. Because extra support reduces back pain, this type of shapewear will also improve your comfort. Instead of slouching in pain, you’ll stand tall and proud as a new mother.

Boosting Your Confidence

You should feel confident in yourself after giving birth. You just went through a dramatic experience that lasted months. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for many women to struggle with a lack of self-esteem during postpartum. They’ve been conditioned to believe their bodies should look a certain way, and when they realize it will take a long time to get their pre-pregnancy bodies back, they understandably develop confidence issues.

This doesn’t need to happen. Again, you can’t expect to get your pre-pregnancy body back overnight. The little hug a specially-designed shapewear gives your body will help you feel much better about yourself when you look in the mirror. As a result, you’ll be more likely to enjoy the confidence you deserve to be feeling right now. 

It’s also worth noting that wearing shapewear can give you the necessary motivation to continue pursuing fitness in the months after you give birth. While what’s most important is that you treat your body gently as it recovers, you can still exercise to restore your pre-pregnancy body more efficiently. Shapewear can give you a sense of how your body will eventually look if you continue emphasizing fitness, giving you more reason to continue striving towards your goal.

Shapewear can help. By providing necessary support and boosting your confidence, it will make your postpartum experience much easier. These are simply a few examples. The more you embrace shapewear, the more you’ll realize just how valuable it can be during this time in your life.

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  • It sounds like a wonderful get-together! Having everyone contribute something is a great idea. Less work for everyone (especially the host) and everyone gets to try something new.