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Three is a wonderful number. Three is easy to count up to. Think about this; a race begins with ‘On your mark, get set, go!’ That’s three short phrases. I use the power of three as an organizing tool. It’s easy to remember three things at a time. Three is also not an overwhelmingly huge number. Let’s face it, when you get to the second item on your list (if you are remembering three things) you are more than half way finished! Take a look at your list of things you want to accomplish. See if there are any items that could be logically grouped together or perhaps things that would naturally fall in a sequence. Then try and group them in threes. Finally, think of some great short (quick) rewards for yourself. Things like having a quiet few minutes enjoying a cup of tea and a book or going for a walk or perhaps taking a few minutes to chat with a friend. I bet if you use this organizing strategy you’ll find that your lengthy list of things to do is quickly reduced. It is so easy to accomplish three quick tasks. What three things are you going to do today?