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At the beginning of this calendar year I made a quiet little promise to myself that I would write a new blog post every week. As you can tell, since it is now the second week in March and my most recent blog post was the second week in January, I did not keep my promise. I got really busy and something had to fall by the wayside – I let that something be this blog.  One of the things I teach my clients is better time management. So, how is it that I didn’t have time for this? Honestly? I probably did have time. This is what I did not do – I did not schedule the time to attend to it. This blog has always been on my list but it was one of those things that was shifted over from one day to the next. Today, I decided that this was not going to happen any more so I scheduled the time into my day and look what happened! Good time management means that you actually schedule appointments with yourself in your planner or your electronic calendar to take care of those things on your ‘to-do’ list. Always allow more time than necessary. If you are finished early – great! Treat yourself, you now have time for something fun!!  Another tip is that if it is a recurring item (such as this – a weekly or daily thing on your ‘to-do’ list) you can program it that way in your computer or simply schedule it in your planner every week.