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A terrific organizing strategy (courtesy of organizing expert Judith Kolberg) is to think of organizing as a treasure hunt. How much fun is that? Go on a treasure hunt in your own home looking through your own stuff. What will you find? Will it be something you have misplaced? Will it be loose change from your pocket? Maybe it will be something really fun like a letter you wrote to your mother from camp. Think of the possibilities. Here are a few tips if you decide this is a strategy you want to employ.

1. Pick your spot for the trasure hunt – it can be a room or a chest of drawers or a corner of a room

2. Decide in advance how long you want your hunt to last – 10 minutes, 15 minutes – not more than 30 minutes (you run the risk of losing interest) and set a timer for that length of time

3. Have a container for your treasure

4. Put on some music – something lively and fun

At the end of your designated treasure hunt time decide where your found treasures will live and put them away. This is a wonderful and fun way to declutter a little bit every day!