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Did you know there are different types of clutter? There is the clutter you have around you when you begin a multi-stepped project and you are just beginning the task. You separate the things based on when you need them and then put the things you don’t immediately need aside. You organize your space so that you have room to complete the project. Then there is the clutter you bring in with you when you walk through the door at the end of the day. Maybe you have groceries, a receipt or 2, a library book, a tote bag or briefcase with your work related things, and maybe even a gym bag. As you walk in the door and put your things down you are surrounded by clutter until you put things away in their places. The groceries go to the kitchen, the receipts are filed, the library book goes by your chair….. You get the idea. I recently read a newsletter written by Susan Lovallo. Susan is a professional organizer. She referred to Invisible Clutter in her newsletter. I thought to myself what a great expression! Invisible clutter – WOW!  That is what you call the clutter lurking in closets and drawers that you don’t open. What do you do about invisible clutter?  Do you have to tackle invisible clutter? I think you do when the clutter is out of control and you want to regain the upper hand. For instance, if you have a closet that is so stuffed with things that they will come tumbling out if you open the closet door. I believe you would want to have that closet organized. I have a trunk in my office. It is a beautiful peice of furniture that we brought back from Bangkok. I use it to store things I don’t know what to do with. I think you could honestly say it is full of invisible clutter. There are things in the trunk that I will probably never use or need again. Are you thinking that I should do something about that? I am. I will empty that trunk and toss, shred,donate, or recycle the things that must leave my house. The trunk is a wonderful place to keep things, though. Even now I am using it for my invisible clutter.