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moving van with furniture

3 Reasons Your Daily Routine Changes When You Move

By Rightsize Your Life 4 Comments

Whether you are moving down the street, to another state, or to another country when you move your daily routine changes. It’s a fact. Just like you can’t put a square peg in a round hole you can’t transfer all parts of your daily routine from one home to another. As you prepare to move your household parts of your daily routine are probably either forgotten or skipped. Your belongings are packed away. All that remains is to clean your current home, turn over the keys and away you go. Moving day arrives, your belongings get to their new home…

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4 Tips for Working from Home with Young Children

By How to Organize Your Life Blog No Comments

My son and daughter-in-law are working from home and have two young children. They both used to work in offices so this is an adjustment for them. Isabel from 4moms wrote and asked if one of her writers could post a blog on this topic for me as it’s something of great interest to my family. Let me introduce you to Rae Steinbach. She is a graduate of Tufts University with a combined International Relations and Chinese degree. After spending time living and working abroad in China, she returned to NYC to pursue her career and continue curating quality content….

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celebrations in May

How to Plan Celebrations in an Almost Post-Covid Season

By How To Organize

Our country is opening up and, in many places, (like here in Atlanta) it feels almost back to normal. People are eager to get together and plan celebrations! This month of May offers many opportunities. There are so many reasons to get together: Beginning with the Kentucky Derby and ending with Memorial Day. While it is tempting to dive in and plan these celebratory parties, we still need to take the global pandemic into account for we are quite out of the woods. It is true that many of us have been vaccinated and that the United States is beginning…

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kayaker navigating change in the rapids

5 Tips for Navigating Change Confidently & Successfully

By Rightsize Your Life

Picture a kayaker heading towards the rapids. This kayaker will confidently and successfully be able to take the rapids because navigating change is part of their training. Just as facing rapids without the proper training is scary for a kayaker navigating change in your life can be scary, too. But with the proper tools at your disposal you, too, can successfully and confidently navigate change. Of course, since I am a professional organizer, I am talking about changes people make which require them to alter the way they are organized. Change can be difficult and stressful. The results are not…

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bird's nest

Have Unexpected Positive Results with an Open Mind

By How to Organize Your Life Blog, Rightsize Your Life

Here I am again, organizing my home and preparing to move. This cycle of moving every 4 to 5 years has been part of my life for a very long time. Every time I move I think, this is the last time I’m moving. Then something unexpected happens and there I am again planning another move. Cleaning out One of the things on my lengthy list of things to do is to clean out the shed in my backyard. I have a plastic caddy on a shelf in the shed which holds my small tools. I use the caddy as…

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card game to play if you are in the mood to organize

Are You Finally in the Mood to Organize? Here’s an Easy Way to Get it Done!

By Control Clutter, How to Organize Your Life Blog

You know how it is when you are in the mood to do something, you want to go ahead and do it. Well, the same is true for organizing a space. When you’re in the mood to get something organized it’s best to take advantage of that positive energy and dive right in. Since I am a professional organizer, I am often asked what the best place is to begin organizing. My clients want to start organizing, they are motivated, but don’t know where to start or how hard it will be to get it done. Does this ever happen…

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a mom works on the busy family schedule with her family in the background

5 Tips to Manage an Ever-Changing Family Schedule

By How to Organize Your Life Blog, Rightsize Your Life

Creating a family routine and schedule to follow can be challenging for a couple in the best of times. Throw a couple of very young children into the mix, along with working from home, and it feels next to impossible. Do you have children? If you have lived through the baby stage, you know that it’s difficult to create a firm schedule when you have babies. Just when you think you have a schedule in place to follow, the baby regresses and starts waking up again at night. If you also have an older child, they are probably used to…

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organizing myth: a cluttered and organized space

3 Organizing Myths Debunked

By Control Clutter, How to Organize Your Life Blog

There are lots of organizing myths out there but there are three organizing myths that I always seem to be debunking with my clients so I thought I would review them with you here. All three revolve around a common theme: clutter. Myth number one: your home must be clutter free to be organized. This is absolutely not true. Do you know your home can be cluttered and organized? What did you think when you read that question? Did you think I had misspoken? Maybe you are questioning my sanity. Whatever you are thinking, it’s true. A home can be…

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Stop watch used in time management

Teach Your Children Time Management Using These Tools

By How to Organize Your Life Blog

Are you having trouble teaching your child to be aware of the passage of time? Is it a struggle to get everyone out the door?  Managing time is a learned skill. Some adults, maybe even you, have trouble managing their time so it’s no wonder it’s also difficult for children. Teach your children time management skills. Make it easier for them to develop these skills by incorporating talk about time into daily activities. Talk about time Incorporate time into your daily conversation with your children. Let them know that at a certain time, you (as in everyone present) will be…

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a woman getting organized to clean the windows

Are You Getting Organized to Clean Your Home Spring-Cleaning Style?

By How To Organize, How to Organize Your Life Blog

Every year about this time people start talking about doing their spring cleaning. For some people that means washing windows, window screens, and getting outside furniture ready. For other people, it means moving furniture, cleaning the dust bunnies, and reorganizing the furniture placement. This year, however, we’ve all been doing so much cleaning. Constantly wiping down counters and packages, washing hands, and being organized to clean at a moment’s notice. Why would we want to engage in spring cleaning? Is there a difference? Looking back Last year around this time is when we all hunkered down in our homes. Can…

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