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We were selected by Redfin as a top cleaning and organizing expert! See the article we were featured in:

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Sacred Space Organizing Names DNQ Solutions to their Best Organizing Blog Award List.

Your Tango – If You’re Always Making Your Adult Children Mad, Here’s How To Stop Overstepping Your Bounds

Hoardganize podcast – On this episode of The Hoardganize Podcast, Professional Organizer Rachel Seavey interviews hoarding and chronic disorganization experts Diane Quintana and Jonda Beattie.

Sabrina Quairoli interviews Diane as part of her “Fabulous Small Business Owner” Feature

Dr. Beaton interview – Videos of personal organizer, Diane Quintana, and Jonda Beattie, interviewing Dr. Beaton 

Diane and Jonda spent about an hour with Dr. Becky Beaton talking about how professional organizers can collaborate with a therapist to help a person with either a diagnosis of the Hoarding Disorder or hoarding behaviors reduce the clutter in their home. Together they created a series of short videos.

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Interview with Lisa Valentine Clark from The Lisa Show on BYU Radio

In this episode, Diane Quintana explains how  a home filled with CHAOS (the Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome) can motivate someone to start organizing their home – one small space at a time to have more time to spend on things they want to do.

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Interview on Organize Mindfully
On Episode 16 of Organize Mindfully with Mark Dillon, personal organizer, Diane Quintana talks about how to break an organizing project down . Make your project easier to complete. Write down each step you need to take in order to finish the project and not feel overwhelmed. Diane teaches her clients how to make projects easier to complete by breaking them down into small steps. This helps to reduce that overwhelming feeling and produces greater results.
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Organizing Your Garden Tools with personal organizer, Diane Quintana
This great blog post was featured on the Garden Weasel. Get personal organizer Diane Quintana’s best tips and tricks for keeping your  most important garden tools organized. This way you know where they are and can easily find them when you need them. Diane spends as much time in her garden as possible. She often gives clients organizing tips with a garden twist.
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Interview with Lisa Singer, Open Form on Women’s Radio Network
Listen to personal organizer Diane Quintana’s interview on Open Forum with Lisa Singer on the Women’s Radio Network (WRNW1). Diane talks about organizational habits. In this interview, Diane also gives tips for organizing your home and organizing for the holidays. Everyone enjoys the holidays more when they are organized and not stressed.
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