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Get great organization ideas when you sign up to receive the DNQ Solutions Monthly Newsletter and you will get these really fun Weekly Tips.

These tips are short, and sweet and provide organization ideas to start your week off right.

Sign up for the DNQ Solutions Monthly Newsletter. In each newsletter, professional organizer, Diane Quintana, talks about the organization idea of the month. Then Diane writes the weekly tips. The weekly tips are delivered on Mondays. They contain a short, sweet tip based on the monthly organization idea. These tips are quick to read and easy to follow. They start your week off with a little inspiration. Be sure to read them and then delete them. This way they do not add clutter to your inbox.

The Monthly newsletter also has information about workshops and webinars that Diane is presenting and also places where you can find Diane presenting. The presentation at Finders Keepers is always so full there is standing room only.

Then if you want to read more on the topic of the week, check out Diane’s blog.  In the weekly blog, posted on Sunday afternoon, Diane writes about the topic of the week. Come join the conversation. If you have questions feel free to post them in the comments section on the blog page. Diane answers all comments and questions within 24 hours.

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