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A woman think about how to better organize her day surrounded by question marks

6 Tricks to Better Organize Your Day

By How to Organize Your Life Blog, Rightsize Your Life 18 Comments

Do you know what you want to do tomorrow? Is there an idea in the back of your mind of what you hope to accomplish? How long is your list of things to do? If you’re anything like me, you are always doing something. I admit I pack lots and lots into almost every day. Sometimes the list of things I want to do is longer than time will allow and other times I accomplish everything with time to spare. As a certified professional organizer, I can honestly say that organizing my day is integral to my successfully accomplishing my…

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Diane's dogs in her kitchen showing personality

Incorporate Your Personality into the Organization of Your Home

By How To Organize, How to Organize Your Life Blog

A house becomes a home when someone infuses it with their personality. When someone walks into my home, they know right away that my decorating taste tends toward the traditional. If they look a little more closely, they will notice that I have a sense of humor because I mix the traditional with accents of things that make me laugh. You may notice that I wrote the word “accents” above. Too much of anything becomes clutter. I love to needlepoint and have many needlepoint pillows in my home. If they were all in the same room on one piece of…

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document filing

Strategies to Organize Documents on File

By Control Clutter

It used to be that paper piles were all that we had to conquer. Now, I’m not minimizing this at all but now paper (as in documents) lurks in piles on the floor as well as invisibly in our computers. It’s important to recognize that filing the invisible documents in your computer is just as important as filing the papers sitting in piles around your desk. The best strategy to use to conquer the tangible papers and the invisible documents is to create a single, simple filing system for yourself. First, let’s acknowledge that there are very few people who…

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a person opening a pantry cupboard door

Organize Your Pantry with these 5 Tips

By How To Organize, How to Organize Your Life Blog

The pantry is one of the places in the home that quickly becomes messy and disorganized. It’s so easy, if you’re in a rush, to just stash the non-perishable items on the pantry shelves when emptying the grocery bags. Instead, take the time to methodically put the non-perishable pantry items where they belong. When you take the time to maintain the organization in your pantry it doesn’t become messy and disorganized. Use these 5 tips to organize your pantry and then maintain the organization so that you save money on food and time on meal preparation. Everyone has a pantry…

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Look at the benefits of organizing a closet - before and after

The Top 3 Benefits of Organizing Your Closet Plus Tips & Tools to Use

By How To Organize

Whether you have a large walk-in closet or a small reach-in closet it’s important to keep it organized. The benefits of organizing your closet are many. The most obvious is that you can find the item of clothing or accessory easily. Another benefit is that you save money. Benefit #1: Save money Yes. You save money when you keep your closet organized because you know what you have so you don’t go out and buy duplicates or triplicates. And, because you are keeping your clothes tidy, they last longer. Benefit #2: Save time An obvious benefit to organizing your closet…

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5 Valuable Lessons Learned in 2020: It’s a Wrap!

By Be A Better Version Of You

I’m wrapping up 2020 with this final blog of the year by sharing with you some of the most valuable lessons I learned during the course of 2020. Valuable Lessons Learned Flexibility Some of you may know that I love to dance and am a competitive amateur ballroom dancer. As such, I exercise and stretch almost every day.  I am limber and very flexible which helps me tremendously when I dance. This year one of the valuable lessons I learned was to be very flexible in my planning. Initially, I had planned to visit my son and his sweet family…

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Relaxing by the fire

How to Keep Holiday Traditions Alive During Covid-19

By How to Organize Your Life Blog, Rightsize Your Life

Holiday Traditions are very important to me. Are they to you? I like to go to parties and have fun during the holidays but more important to me than the parties are the time-honored holiday traditions that have been passed down through the generations. These traditions are intended to be shared with family and friends as we gather together to celebrate. I’m missing the gathering together. I recognize that I am not alone feeling this way. How could I be when we are all experiencing the pandemic together. If you follow my blog, you know that I am a glass…

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gift - receipts

2 Great Reasons To Organize Your Holiday Shopping Receipts

By How To Organize, How to Organize Your Life Blog

Have you been doing a lot of holiday shopping? The news reports indicate that online holiday shopping is waaay up from last year. Of course, it is! We have all been told to stay home. The CDC advises us to stay away from the shops and to avoid other people so of course we are doing more shopping from the comfort of our computers.  There are some gifts though, you may want to go and pick up from your local stores. So, holiday shopping receipts will come to you in two different ways; through your email and when you purchase…

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working from home with children

Beneficial Distractions: What They Are & Why You Need Them

By Control Clutter

Distractions are everywhere. I believe there are two different kinds of distractions; those that are beneficial and those that are not. Beneficial distractions provide a needed break from whatever it is you’re doing. If you are the chief caregiver in your family, taking a break provides a necessary and beneficial distraction from your job as caregiver. You can take a walk, sit and read a magazine, or maybe just do nothing and enjoy the peace and quiet. This helps you recharge. You will take better care of those you love when you also take care of yourself. Informal Breaks If…

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expressions of procrastination on a chalkboard

Just For Now and Other Procrastination Tips

By Control Clutter, How to Organize Your Life Blog

There are all sorts of little expressions people use to give themselves permission to procrastinate. Most people don’t recognize that this is what they are doing when they use these words. I call these little expressions procrastination tips because if you are aware of them, they can alert you to the fact that you are delaying a task or a decision and procrastinating. Let’s review some of these procrastination tips, as I’m calling them. Just For Now Have you ever said to yourself I’ll put this here, just for now? Your intention is to come back in a little while,…

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