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2 Great Reasons To Organize Your Holiday Shopping Receipts

By How To Organize, How to Organize Your Life Blog 10 Comments

Have you been doing a lot of holiday shopping? The news reports indicate that online holiday shopping is waaay up from last year. Of course, it is! We have all been told to stay home. The CDC advises us to stay away from the shops and to avoid other people so of course we are doing more shopping from the comfort of our computers.  There are some gifts though, you may want to go and pick up from your local stores. So, holiday shopping receipts will come to you in two different ways; through your email and when you purchase…

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working from home with children

Beneficial Distractions: What They Are & Why You Need Them

By Control Clutter

Distractions are everywhere. I believe there are two different kinds of distractions; those that are beneficial and those that are not. Beneficial distractions provide a needed break from whatever it is you’re doing. If you are the chief caregiver in your family, taking a break provides a necessary and beneficial distraction from your job as caregiver. You can take a walk, sit and read a magazine, or maybe just do nothing and enjoy the peace and quiet. This helps you recharge. You will take better care of those you love when you also take care of yourself. Informal Breaks If…

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expressions of procrastination on a chalkboard

Just For Now and Other Procrastination Tips

By Control Clutter, How to Organize Your Life Blog

There are all sorts of little expressions people use to give themselves permission to procrastinate. Most people don’t recognize that this is what they are doing when they use these words. I call these little expressions procrastination tips because if you are aware of them, they can alert you to the fact that you are delaying a task or a decision and procrastinating. Let’s review some of these procrastination tips, as I’m calling them. Just For Now Have you ever said to yourself I’ll put this here, just for now? Your intention is to come back in a little while,…

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bbooks without a bookshelf

How to Organize Books Without a Bookshelf

By How To Organize

I love books. Do you? I have been in love with books ever since I could sit still long enough to listen to a story. I have collected a wide variety of books and truly enjoying sharing my collection with family and friends. Over the years I have reduced my collection of books so that they fit on the few bookshelves in my home. But what do you do if you love books, have a collection of books, and you don’t have a bookshelf? No matter how many books you have, you typically want a place to display them. The…

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moving to a new home packing boxes

How to Organize for a Move to a New Home

By How To Organize, How to Organize Your Life Blog

Are You moving to a new home? Are you wondering how to organize yourself, your things, and your family for a move? Moving can be a daunting prospect particularly if you’ve lived in your current home for a number of years. People often ask how to get organized for a move. They want to know what to do first. The idea of moving to a new home is exciting and may also be a bit unsettling. Afterall, you’re leaving the familiar and moving somewhere new. Here are my tips on how to organize for a move. Create a timeline and…

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Mom and child controlling toy clutter

Make Teaching Your Child to Control Toy Clutter Fun

By Control Clutter, How to Organize Your Life Blog

When you have one or more children, they have toys. It’s a fact of life. The sooner you can teach them how to control toy clutter the better. You will spend less time reminding your child to pick up their toys and you teach them to be responsible for their belongings – a lifelong skill. When you make controlling toy clutter fun it’s a win for both you and your child. At first, when your child is very small, they have little interest in toys. Plus, the toys are manageable. You can probably fit most of them in a basket….

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small apartment; view from the kitchen to the family room

5 Tips to Get Organized in a Small Apartment

By How To Organize, How to Organize Your Life Blog

When you’re living in a small apartment it’s important to keep clutter to a minimum so that it will feel spacious. Here are 5 tips on how to organize in a small apartment. The most important idea to hold in your head is that you only want to have things in your home that you use, love, or believe to be beautiful. That is paraphrased from a quote by William Morris a 19th century English poet and craftsman who said, “Have nothing is your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful”. Keep this…

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photo of a lakeside scene at sunset

How to Organize Without Getting Overwhelmed & Maintain Your Calm

By How To Organize, How to Organize Your Life Blog

As a professional organizer it’s easy for me to say that I don’t get overwhelmed when tasked with an organizing project. I maintain my calm because I’m doing what I love to do. I love to teach my clients how to organize without getting overwhelmed. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when we over think the problem. When you take a breath and plunge into an organizing project you maintain your calm by following a few simple rules. First let’s talk about how to organize without getting overwhelmed then I’ll give you the few simple rules to follow to maintain your…

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senior couple exercising in their home

Why Rightsizing is Important No Matter What Your Age

By How to Organize Your Life Blog, Rightsize Your Life

No matter how old or young you are, it’s important to rightsize. Are you asking yourself “What is rightsizing?” It’s a fairly new expression which can refer to a number of different things. A company rightsizes when it reduces the number of employees to fit the anticipated earnings. In this case I am referring to changing the size of your home. You can say that a family rightsizes when they move to a bigger home to accommodate their growing family. You can also replace downsizing with rightsizing when a couple moves to a smaller home once their children have moved…

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business man holding a clock and money

How to Be Responsible

By Be A Better Version Of You, How to Organize Your Life Blog

A few decades ago, the expression “helicopter parents” became part of our everyday language. When I was a primary school teacher, my colleagues and I used this expression to describe the parents who did everything (and I mean everything) for their children. These children did not learn how to be responsible because their parents were always hovering smoothing their way. The helicopter parents made sure the children had their schoolwork, their lunch, and anything they needed to support after school activities. If by chance something was left at home, one or the other parent would rush back to school with…

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