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stay organized with less

3 Reasons It Is Hard To Stay Organized

By How To Organize

Why can’t I stay organized? This is a question clients often ask me. Before I get into the reasons lets talk about getting organized. The first idea I want to share with you may be hard to swallow. This is the idea that organizing is a continual journey. It is not a destination and it is never ever done. You cannot organize a space once, walk away, and never have to organize it again. This is because things are always in use in a home. This is a natural occurrence since you live in the space. There are three things…

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a person looking at household chores to do

Sick of Doing Household Chores? Here’s How to Get More Done with Less Resistance

By How To Organize

Picture this: you’ve just spent a good portion of the day doing laundry. It’s now folded and put away. As you’re saying good night to your child you notice their laundry basket is once again full. You sigh as you leave the room – more laundry to do. You are filled with resentment for a few seconds, and you shake your head as you wonder; does it ever stop? Is laundry one of the household chores overwhelming you? The two other chores that create feelings of overwhelm and resentment for many of my clients are taking out the trash and…

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How To Leave The Past Organizing Mistakes Behind

By Be A Better Version Of You

A friend of mine reminded me a couple of weeks ago to stay in the moment and not dwell on past mistakes. You see, I was stressing over the fact that I was making mistakes during the filming of a video for the NAPO 2022 Conference application submission. My friend said to leave the past in the past. There’s nothing you can do about it now, so move on. This was great advice! I did just that, focusing on the moment and doing my best at that time. That’s all anyone can ask. There’s lots of talk right now about…

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card game to play if you are in the mood to organize

Are You Finally in the Mood to Organize? Here’s an Easy Way to Get it Done!

By Control Clutter, How to Organize Your Life Blog

You know how it is when you are in the mood to do something, you want to go ahead and do it. Well, the same is true for organizing a space. When you’re in the mood to get something organized it’s best to take advantage of that positive energy and dive right in. Since I am a professional organizer, I am often asked what the best place is to begin organizing. My clients want to start organizing, they are motivated, but don’t know where to start or how hard it will be to get it done. Does this ever happen…

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