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a woman surrounded by the things she loves

Surround Yourself With Things You Love

By How To Organize, How to Organize Your Life Blog

As professional organizers we often talk about what to do to get organized. We tell you about the benefits of being organized: saving money and time and reducing stress. And we talk about safety in the home and having what you need and use. But we do not often talk about the benefit of having other things, the things you love. It’s so important to have the things you love in your home for no other reason than that you love them. When you walk in your home, we want you to smile. The end goal of organizing your home…

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holisitc health concept of zen stones. concept body, mind, soul, spirit

Rightsize Your Life & Be Better Organized

By How to Organize Your Life Blog, Rightsize Your Life

Is your life so filled up that it can feel like it’s overflowing with responsibilities from work and home? Consider taking a step back and rightsizing your life. Give yourself space to be mindfully present. Very often, we spend so much time moving from activity to activity that we fail to fully engage with that which we are doing. We’re just getting it done and moving on. Busy Days Our days are busy. There’s no denying that. Everyone, from stay-at-home moms/dads to service providers and corporate executives, is busy. We start early in the morning and end late at night….

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young couple packing and checking stuff using a checklist before moving to a new residence

How to Organize for a Move to a New Home

By How To Organize, How to Organize Your Life Blog

Learn how to organize for a move to a new home. Moving is a stressful endeavor. Read these tips and they will reduce some of the anxiety and thus relieve your stress.  Whether you are selling your home and then moving down the road, moving from apartment to apartment, or preparing to move across the country into your first home there are some simple steps to follow so that your move can be as stress-free as possible. Timeline Create a realistic timeline for yourself. If you are single this is a fairly simple process. Answer these questions for yourself. If…

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