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How to Be Responsible

By Be A Better Version Of You, How to Organize Your Life Blog

A few decades ago, the expression “helicopter parents” became part of our everyday language. When I was a primary school teacher, my colleagues and I used this expression to describe the parents who did everything (and I mean everything) for their children. These children did not learn how to be responsible because their parents were always hovering smoothing their way. The helicopter parents made sure the children had their schoolwork, their lunch, and anything they needed to support after school activities. If by chance something was left at home, one or the other parent would rush back to school with…

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By Control Clutter, How to Organize Your Life Blog

Love them or hate them – still gotta do them What is it about chores that makes them so hard to do, so easy to put off? First, let’s talk about the word – chore. Where does the word ‘chore’ come from? According to etymology: chore is written in the New Oxford American Dictionary as “(originally dialect and U.S.): variant of obsolete char or chare (see charwoman)”, which the same pronunciation as the modern verb char. It ultimately comes from Middle English cherre (odd job). Essentially, the word ‘chore’ is linked to doing a job. Usually, a job around the…

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