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a journal with my goals written on a page

Set Yourself Up for Success & Accomplish Your Goals

By Be A Better Version Of You, How to Organize Your Life Blog

Everyone, from the youngest among us to the oldest, wants to feel successful and to accomplish their goals. An unspoken goal for the incredibly young might be to roll over. For someone a little older accomplishing a perfect score on a spelling test might be a goal. As we age our goals become more complex and generally require we complete mini-goals along the way before accomplishing the stated goal. It is rare that someone intentionally sets themselves up for failure so why is it that so many of us have trouble accomplishing our goals? I do not have all the…

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Live Now

By How to Organize Your Life Blog, Rightsize Your Life

I was at my local grocery store earlier today. Grocery shopping was just one of the many errands I had to do today. I took some time last night to organize my grocery list. I went through the recipes of the special dishes my family has requested for Christmas Dinner. I wanted to include some of the non-perishable ingredients on my grocery list. This will save me a little time next week and I’ll be able to do a little pre-cooking! I love my neighborhood grocery store. I know many of the people who work there. They are always friendly…

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