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Want a More Balanced Life? Harmonize

By Be A Better Version Of You

Last week I talked about bringing harmony into your organizing systems. I shared a quote from Daniel J. Levitin’s book (The Organized Mind). It goes like this, “It is important to harmonize your organizational style and systems with your personality.”  In case you didn’t read last week’s blog you can find it here. Today I want to talk about balance in your life. Honestly, I don’t believe it’s always possible to have a balanced life. However, I believe there is a way to create a more balanced life by bringing harmony into the equation. Let me explain. We know that…

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man balancing on a bongo board

Boundaries Can Create Better Balance in Your Life

By Be A Better Version Of You, How to Organize Your Life Blog

Boundaries as in rules or fences can be helpful in determining what can and can’t be done or where you can or can’t go. Today I want to think about using boundaries as limits to gain better control over the different aspects of your life and thus work towards better balance in your life. Recently I was listening to the news and heard that many people are complaining that they are working way too many hours because they are working from home. There’s no limit to their workday. It spills over into the time they would normally be relaxing at…

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Reward Yourself

By How to Organize Your Life Blog, Rightsize Your Life

Over the last several weeks I’ve been talking to you about creating change in your habits. The way to go about making a lasting change and the benefits of taking small steps toward your stated goal. This week I’m talking about the benefits of rewards. I don’t know about you but I do my best work when there is a reward to work for. Now, the reward is not always an object. I like to treat myself: to an extra hour of reading time a mani/pedi a massage or a movie complete with popcorn! Sometimes my reward is the joy…

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Work/Life Balance?

By How to Organize Your Life Blog, Rightsize Your Life

There’s been alot of buzz about work/life balance recently.  From what I read, there seems to be this quest for a perfect alignment of energy devoted to work and energy devoted to other endeavors. I do not believe that such a thing exists. Have you ever played on a see-saw? If you haven’t, perhaps you know what one looks like and can imagine what it would be like. A see-saw is rarely perfectly balanced and if it is completely level it’s because both children are approximately the same size and weight and both are able to touch the ground gently…

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