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Back to School: A Review of 5 Awesome Products

By How To Organize

It’s time. Can you believe it? Buses here in parts of Georgia are going to start bringing students to and from school again next week. Yes! I said next week. In certain parts of Georgia schools are opening their doors on August 6th. Wow! I’m so excited for the students to go back to school and for the parents, too. Each school district will have a unique list of supplies they want to students to bring to school.  I have put together a list of five awesome products to organize you and your students at home. Continue reading to find…

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Action Files

By Control Clutter, How to Organize Your Life Blog

Last week I started a series talking about the paper. Even though it’s possible to receive notices and statements via email paper is still a problem. Many of my clients complain about paper. Organizing paper, finding the documents they need quickly and efficiently, and eliminating paper piles are on the top of the ‘to-do’ list. While this is a problem for many it comes front and center around this time of the year when taxes are looming on the horizon. I suggested, last week, that you gather the paper from around the house and bring it to a central location….

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