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5 Tips to Stop Procrastinating Around the Holidays

By Rightsize Your Life

What is it about the holidays that makes some people put off shopping until last possible minute? I know a few who intentionally delay shopping until Christmas Eve. Then they complain about the crowds, the lack of inventory, the amount of money they spent, and how late they stayed up wrapping gifts. They say they wish they would do things differently. If this is you and you want to stop procrastinating around the holidays, read on, I have tips for you. Mindfully think about procrastinating around the holidays Take some time to reflect. Why do you think your feet are…

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Going to College?

By How To Organize, How to Organize Your Life Blog

Are you the parent of a rising freshman of college? If you are, I bet there are lots of things on your mind. I’m also sure your child has lots on his mind, too! He (I’m using ‘He’ but you substitute the pronoun ‘She’ if you have a daughter) has probably received information from the college about his new living space (dorm room) and maybe even the names and contact information of his roommate(s). I was at a client’s house a few weeks ago and my client’s son was talking to me about his dorm room. He received the dimensions…

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