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3 Small Space Organizing Hacks (From A Professional Organizer)

By February 25, 202414 Comments
photograph of white built-in shelves near a short modern staircase

As a professional organizer I can honestly tell you that organizing any space is challenging when you don’t have places to put things. It is even more challenging when the space is small. Here are some small space organizing hacks for you.

3 Small space organizing hacks

1. Use vertical storage solutions

Peg Boards

Be creative when you think about vertical storage. If you like to cook and the kitchen is small, look for a blank wall on which to affix a peg board. You can hang pots, cooking tools and accessories.

You can also use a peg board near a table used as a desk or in a garage above a workbench. I’ve even seen them used in a bedroom to hang necklaces or baseball caps. There are countless uses when you think creatively.

Floating Shelves

Maybe there is a short blank space near the stove top that could hold some floating shelves for things like frequently used oils and spices.

Floating shelves are also great to use in the bathroom if you are short on storage there.

Place them on the blank wall beside the washer and/or dryer. There is often a shelf or two on the back wall above the washer and dryer that is hard to reach. Keep supplies that you don’t need to access often there. Install easy to reach floating shelves on the walls beside the washer and dryer for things you need to reach often. Like soap pods, stain sticks, or dryer sheets.

Space Inside Doors

If there is a small closet in the bathroom, take advantage of the vertical space on the inside of the door. Install an over the door shelving unit from The Container Store. This gives you instant extra storage for all your everyday bathroom supplies.

Remember to label the shelves so that each shelf has a purpose, and it does not turn into a random collection of supplies.

Use the inside of kitchen cupboard doors to hold things like pot lids.

Inside of bathroom vanity cupboard doors can hold hair dryers and other supplies.

Under Sinks

Don’t forget about the cavern of space under both the kitchen sink and the bathroom sink. Use stackable pullout shelves or drawers to hold the necessary supplies.

This will keep things contained and organized.

Large bins or baskets are great for holding collections of shoes, baseball caps, or dog toys.


Large hooks are great to use near the entry for backpacks, handbags, and tote bags. Of course, they are also great for coats, jackets, and sweaters.

Smaller hooks are terrific for keys, leashes, and caps.

Use hooks anywhere you see a need to get things up and off the floor.

Bathroom towels for instance can hang off a hook.

Hang clothes you want to wear again on a hook instead of putting them back in a drawer or in the closet.

2. Multi-purpose furniture

When you live in a small space always look for multi-purpose furniture. There are beds that have drawers built into the bed frame. This helps save space that may otherwise be taken up by a chest of drawers.

If the office also serves as a guest room, consider having a Murphy bed. This means the bed would only be seen when it was released from the wall.

In doing some research I found 3 companies that specialize in furniture that converts into multiple uses. I am amazed by the creativity and by how easy it looks in the videos to change the use of the item.

Here are the websites:;;

These sites have everything from the usual murphy bed to tables that convert from dining tables that seat 12 to side tables. If you’re looking for small space organizing options check them out.

3. Declutter and Tidy Often

The best small space organizing hack is to declutter and tidy often. Keep the mantra ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’ in mind. When all your belongings have a place to go, the space remains tidy. Living in a small home means that space is at a premium. Sticking to the one thing in/one thing out rule helps to maintain order.

Create daily and weekly routines for yourself to help you remember to declutter. As you go about your daily routine if you happen to see something out of place carry it with you and put it where it belongs.

One of the things I do every morning is look around my family room for things that I forgot to put away the night before. I tend to leave my half-full glass of water on the table in the family room along with anything I am currently reading. So, I carry the glass to the kitchen sink in the morning and I put the book or magazine where it belongs.

Regularly assessing what you use and removing things you no longer want keeps clutter at bay. This is true whether you have ample space or not.

If you are living in or moving to a small space reach out to me for a free 30-minute conversation for small space organizing tips created specifically for your situation. You can email me at:

Diane N. Quintana is an ICD® Master Trainer, Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization®, Certified Professional Organizer®, owner of DNQ Solutions, LLC and co-owner of Release Repurpose Reorganize LLC based in Atlanta, Georgia. She specializes in residential and home-office organizing and in working with people challenged by ADHD, hoarding and chronic disorganization.


  • Julie Bestry says:

    I love all of your ideas. I remember the first time I saw a kitchen peg board was on an episode of the old Julia Child cooking show, and I thought it was brilliant. It definitely made me a fan of virtual solutions. (I want to like the idea of having a ceiling rack from which to hang pots and pans, but I don’t trust them not to come down on my head.)

    I love the idea of hooks on walls, especially in children’s rooms, bathrooms, and closets, not just for storage, but because little kids lack the fine motor dexterity to put things back on hangers. Hooks work so well. And I’m a big believer in multi-use furniture for storage. I have a storage ottoman, and I’ve always wanted a bench that does double-duty for file storage.

    Great stuff!

    • Diane Quintana says:

      Thank you, Julie. I love hooks and pegboards. The hooks in particular are easy to install. And, if you use Command Hooks, easy to remove.

  • This is full of great ideas. I recently had a client use command hooks to hold some small wire baskets in her small bathroom since there was very little space on her vanity.

  • I love my pegboards. We used the ones from IKEA for our garage, bike area, and tool area. It’s great to hang all the small, frequently used items there.

    • Diane Quintana says:

      Pegboards make it so easy to hang those small tools which makes it easy to find the one you’re looking for. Thanks, Sabrina!

  • Jana Arevalo says:

    These are some great actionable tips and product ideas! I, too, use hooks everywhere! They’re so useful. I’m checking out those convertible furniture websites as I can think of a lot of different people who would be interested, especially a few friends who have RVs or tiny homes. Thank you so much for all the ideas!

  • These are terrific organizing hacks! Small spaces are ripe for getting creative, and you shared great ideas.

    I love watching Tiny House videos, especially for the clever space and storage designs. Not only do they emphasize the idea of owning less, but they also show creative ways for maximizing space and unique storage ideas like building drawers into the stairs or using multi-functional furniture, as you mentioned.

    I discovered the videos from the Expand Furniture site you mentioned a while back. I love those and their products! They have such clean designs, and they are easily transformable.

    • Diane Quintana says:

      Thank you, Linda. I also love watching the videos – even just seeing pictures of the creative ways people have remodeled small spaces to accommodate storage is inspiring.

  • I’ve always loved furniture with built-in storage. It’s just so practical!

  • Seana+Turner says:

    Those websites with the multi-purpose furniture are so fun! I love all the innovative ways people come up with to use space. I really got into these ideas when watching the series “Hack My Home.”

    Pegboard is an underrated and highly effective solution! Plus, it’s pretty affordable. It can go almost anywhere. Great reminder to always consider this option.

    I was just working with a teen in her room and we put hooks on the inside wall of her closet. Just a standard closet, but she is pretty tall, and was able to put a couple of hooks on the inside left wall to hang her baseball caps. Worked out perfectly. 🙂

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