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Tomorrow is the first day of September and as such it begins National Preparedness Month. Looking back at the events of the past week and the havoc left behind by Irene I was thinking about my family. How prepared would we be if disaster struck? How prepared are you? I admit I do not have a package of information ready to grab with my vital documents. Do you have something portable with your important information inside? I’m referring to things like social security cards, banking and other financial account numbers, birth certificates, marriage license, will… The things that identify you and that will help you should you loose everything in a natural disaster. Then I was wondering where I would keep such a grab and go box or package of information. The best place for me to keep it will be in my file drawer. I have space to keep a package of information (probably I will put it together in a large manila envelope inside a heavy duty plastic bag). You see, that will fit in my large tote bag. It wouldn’t be too heavy or cumbersome. These are things for you to think about, too. Where would you keep this package of information?

I was also thinking about bringing in to my house a supply of drinking water and maybe some canned goods.  It’s good to be prepared – also good not to go overboard. Remember that canned goods have a shelf life, an expiration date. I will only bring in a few extra things, canned things that I will use and replace so that they don’t linger on my shelf long past they’ve expired! What will you do towards being more prepared this month?

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